about us


the Corporation


Chartered in 2017, the Corporation exercises fiduciary responsibility with regard to the  Vessel's academic, financial, and physical resources and overall well-being.

It consists of the President (E.Lucienne), the Treasurer, and other members known as Fellows.

The Corporation is in the process of expanding from seven to ∞ members and elaborating its committee structure.

The Corporation engages with both questions of long-range strategy, policy, and planning as well as transactional matters of unusual consequence.

It serves as a confidential sounding board for the President on matters of importance; meets with deans, vice presidents, and others from time to time to discuss a wide array of programs and plans; and is responsible for approving the  Vessel's budgets, major capital projects, endowment spending, tuition charges, and other matters.


“Once you remove yourself from the serious, quasi religious, romantic idea of the solo artist or solo designer, it’s already funny,” Kelsey notes. “How can it not be funny to be a group of friends posing as a corporation, making work that competes with solo artists? It automatically creates a funny situation.” – JK


the founder


Essa L. is the Founder-Preident of  Vessel Gallery, as well as Chief Adviser and Writer for the Catalogue Book, also titled “Essantial Li: Analyzing Photographs Across the Curatorial Practices of Essa Li." She explains to me: 

When I was working on my Thesis Proposal, I never imagined doing what I am doing now. But it was exciting during the Review Process to come back again and again to this Proposal, and make all of the changes at the  Vessel accordingly (ship/building, ship-building, or shipbuilding).
What drew me to this Thesis Research was that this is a Making Gallery, and there is a collaborative nature to its experimental programming.
In fact, image-making is my passion. As a student, I am interested in photography’s broad visual culture, far beyond merely prints, cameras, digital and social media etc. I’ve enjoyed working with the students at Harvard College to develop a more critical awareness.
The Photography Repository here is informed by people who come into my life. It was that opportunity to go into these projects that taught me what these relation-ships can offer.
The Book that I am writing, "Essantial Li" is a multimedia-curated docu-fiction photo-book that provides readers with a methodology for analyzing pictures and texts, and experience these connections through new frameworks from a curatorial perspective. My role is to build and develop a space for all of this to take place.

Foreword to a MonographOn the Founder-Director of the  Vessel

written by Kevin Zhu

Oct. 15 2017


Sound work reflecting upon the "Foreword to a Monograph" by Zhu

produced by Essa Lucienne

Oct. 17 2017