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fall, falls, falling... 

bring in / submit any found object that was falling

or had fallen into/out of your life. 

this is the beginning of a two-part series that will be later followed up in the spring (titled "...springing!")

[weekend 11/3 - 11/5]


EXQUISITE CORPSE | skeleton in the closet

click the link to play 


just 7 more minutes

submit your 7:00 minute video, single-shot / one-takes only

all submissions will be shown on looped playlist

quality of video can range from Bresson cinematography to phone butt-dial

[showing week of 11/14 - 11/19] 



The REAL Philosophy Chamber: Art and Science in Harvard’s Teaching Cabinet, 2017-2017

anything you consider "philosophical"... bring it in

I bet your object can be just as interesting, and perhaps even more educational!! 

this will be considered part of the "permanent collection" at vessel, and your name will be written in gold in the Credit Line: "Bequest of __________"

depending on if enough stuff is submitted, maybe i'lll even make a catalogue for the exhibition, haha


[showing week of 11/19 throughout end of the year]



here's a draft of the potential intro catalogue text to our show

(generously appropriated from)


Between 2017 and 2017, Harvard College undergrads assembled an extraordinary collection of paintings, portraits, and prints; mineral, plant, and animal specimens; scientific instruments; American artifacts; and relics from the college experience. These objects were displayed in a dugeon-esque room in the underground space of Linden Street Studios, a large brick building that used to be a collection of squash courts. The REAL Philosophy Chamber, was an ornately un-decorated room named for the discipline of natural philosophy, a cornerstone of, like, apparently everything since forever. The collection and the chamber played a vital role in teaching and research at Harvard, while also serving as the center of artistic and intellectual life in the greater Linden Street for over 0.1 years. Artists, scientists, students, and advocates (and Advocates) of American Independence— not including George Washington—came to the Philosophy Chamber to discover, discuss, and disseminate new knowledge. Students attended lectures and demonstrations there, and visitors from around the globe flocked to the space to see works by some of the Atlantic World’s greatest artists and artisans – but it's too bad most don't have swipe. While the collection survived Thanksgiving break, in late 2017, a turning of a leaf ultimately led to the dispersal of the collection to various student organizations and clubs. The REAL Philosophy Chamber: Art and Science in Harvard’s Teaching Cabinet, 2017-2017 unites many original objects, showcasing a range of works that have been hidden away for nearly two months since the beginning of the school year. 

The exhibition features more than 100 works displayed in four thematic sections, including a loose reconstruction of the Harvard Art Museum's Philosophy Chamber itself. Not included here are "full-length portraits by John Singleton Copley; exceptional examples of Native Hawaiian feather work and carving by indigenous artists of the Northwest Coast; a dazzling, large-scale orrery (a model of the solar system) by Joseph Pope; mezzotints after the work of expatriate American artists; and Stephen Sewall’s mural-sized copy of the Wampanoag inscription on the landmark known as Dighton Rock, an 11-foot boulder located in Berkley, Massachusetts." The objects instead are drawn from a number of private, academic, and personal collections in the undergrad dorm rooms and classrooms.

A catalogue (maybe) with essays by a mix of amateurs has been published in conjunction with the exhibition. The publication advances new understandings of late 2017 American art, and serves as a rich resource for any reader interested in the art and culture of the Harvard College undergraduate experience.

Organized by Essa Lucienne. Curated by (message me if you wanna!), a contender for "Theodore E. Stebbins Jr. Curator of American Art and Head of the Division of European and American Art at the Harvard Art Museums".

The Philosophy Chamber: Art and Science in Harvard’s Teaching Cabinet, 2017-2017 will travel to no where. because we are not a commercial enterprise. 

This project is supported fully by contributors and dedicated friends <3 

The exhibition and catalogue were also supported in part by the following endowed funds: good weather. smiles from HUDS crew. crunchy fall leaves. 

Share your experience on social media: #theREALPhilosophyChamber




~and much more~ 



Poetry Themes 

excuse my french



word for word

no church in the wild





Upcoming Pop-up shows! I hope


mind's eye (drawing / painting)

between the lines (sketch / poetry)

play it by ear (performance)

shot in the dark (photography)



the elephant is in the room (sound works)

Men in Suits. (performance)

hello, meet my Siamese twin (selfies)

I spy... (on surveillance and privacy)

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (replications)







[general idea bank Semester 1]


swiper no swiping! (HUID. oh the possibilities)

lights, camera, non-action (film / video)

3x3x3 in³ (miniature sculptures)

screen, shot (digital)

Live! (instagram)

a priori (tbd)

salad days (misc)

nth degree (new media)

heavy metal (sculpture)

smart casual (happening)

prime time (amazon boxes)

square meal (on HUDS dining)

from an ivory tower (letters) 

tongue in cheek (visual arts)

break a leg!!! (open rehearsal)

smoke and mirrors (film / video)

my old china (mediums of memory)

101 0001 (transcending the binary)

lalaland (tribute to everything L.A)

once in a blue moon (silkscreen / print)

crimson criminals (street art / happening)

a rose is a rose is a rose is a (sculpture)

my life is in shambles (scribbles and doodles)

middle of the road: on being mediocre (painting)

the devil re-incarnate (featuring works of VES 83) 

the darkest hour is just before the dawn (happening)

anti-wikipedia (anything you cannot find on wikipedia)

Dear mr. Grinch... (letter writing + participatory sculpture)






--- 2018 Storytime ideas ---

and such is life

no it's not rocket science

there are 3 kinds of lies:

vice versa

to be or not to be...




[general idea bank s2]


______ship (open)

E x IT (new media)

nobrainer (drawing)

sprining (happening)

2nd guess (sculpture)

paper tigers (origami)

when pigs fly (painting)

on cloud 9 (film / video)

son of a (open rehearsal)

devil's ADVOCATE (collab?)

as seen in Lamont (digital)

the true blue (sound works)

spectrum (lgbtq in the arts)

silence is golden (happening)

against the grain (photo-film)

what killed the cat (paintings)

My. Harvard. Edu. (all relevant) 

raining cats and dogs (painting)

that's all folks! (open rehearsal)

revenge is best served cold (misc.)

loose lips sink ships (audio/visual)

the red line (Boston T iPhone photos)

the curate's egg (curatorial critique)

back to square one (re-exhibition of past)


many inspired by