shapeshifting (i)

Shapeshifting is the act of being able to change into another being or form. The idea of shapeshifting has been around since the Middle Ages. It has been used in literature and epic poems, including works such as Peleus and Thetis and the Iliad. The trend of shapeshifting is still being done today. It is a theme in children's literature, and works of popular culture.

  1. established
  2. instagram begins, also under vesselstream
  3. made a facebook profile for "Thé Vessel" to register location as a check-in-able place
  4. made dropbox for all uploads in total image archive but already low on space .... 
  5. sent out HTML email on the exhibition ONE

a crimson article was written on the founding of the  vessel

began growing a list of Pop-up show ideas

decided on this book design template to structure front/introduction section (of this catalog)


visited by VES 132RObject Matter of Jelly Fish: Sculpture


thesis review #1

10/25, 10:07 AM @ the vessel


CRITIQUE, CONCERNS raised by members of VES faculty 

paraphrased and fictionalized for clarity


how exactly are you defining "open" and "inclusive"? Since neither are true to this space. 


if you are accepting all artworks, what constitutes your curatorial judgement? 


and for that matter, how are we supposed to grade you? by showing other students work's, on what measures to we even judge you in this thesis?


what are you doing, what is your role, please define.


also what is your thesis again? 


(... maybe you should consider making this an experimental project rather than a legitimate thesis.)


(You know. I'm just starting out!)

The bad thing about written scripts is the pressure to conform to the wishes of the television editor or the funding agencies. So the screenplays end up having a different structure from what you would have given them. As a result, from the word “go” the film is headed in a direction that militates against spontaneity and subjectivity...
— Rainer W. Fassbinder


redefinition of the containing principles


1. Establishment of the Vessel on OpenTable

2. Created account on MailChimp

3. Sent first newsletter (on TinyLetter) made an unfortunate "reply all" mistake to all subscribers

4. Founded blog: THE POLITE PROVOCATEUR (name credit to Karthik Pandian)

5. Revised vessel terminology from "show closing" to "landing" defined and related

6. Abolishing the Open-House (drop-by for opening hours) strategy.

7. Drafting PRIX FIXE menu for complete in-house experience

8. Made FAQ page for the Vessel experience

9. Renamed exhibitions in typology with spaces to be written as " o n e " and " d i a l o g u e  " 


Reconfiguring site for  Vessel 2.0



Source of New Website Color Palette: Harvard Business School

and using Image Color Summarizer, derived hexcode for

"Colors for a Large Wall" by Ellsworth Kelly

"Five Races Under One Union" Flag


SPACE/TIME Capsule – November 2017