Dawn in the Attic




Why, Mother, do I keep walking around the house? This dawn I discovered another walkway


are several gumdrops. Red  and sticky, surely my brother left them; I will reprimand him. But how did he get up here? I lean upon, and look down at the hallway; how nice it looks, wooden and clean in the morning light. Ah, it is the morning already. Time for school! today, there promises to be a gray sky. But my mother is not with me, my brother does not run about, we are not woken up for school. For it is morning, they should be got up and making noise, but why am I the only one awake? It is hard to understand why I am the only






Please, couldn’t they also be awake? I should not wish them awake here; but at least, if I could see them below do this and that on the hallway... The wouldn’t even have to notice me. If I could just see them doing this and that...I’d be happy. I promise. But, I should find some way out


Here the window shows, to my terror, a childhood home, a backyard. This means I need to find help. The things in front of me are not real. Will you help me? My mother is not awake. I really need help. I’m only a child, a little boy. That is a gaunt man whose head looks like a dog’s. Will you please, go and wake my mother, and let her know, that I am seeing things that aren’t real? and could she banish them for me? Thank you! Wake my mother for me. 






in the attic. In the attic













of this attic.

But when I up the walkway, it

 — the attic

seems— I can’t get right this moment out

of the attic...



verseEssa Li