re: latable


Frederic Jameson outlines 3 major characteristics of postmodernity: 

pastiche, nostalgia and schizophrenia,

where culture, plundering the past and appropriating styles, 

seem only capable of parody and nostalgia


Jameson’s third observation, describing the postmodern experience as being schizophrenic, 

owes much to Lacan’s idea that schizophrenia develops in a child

who is unable to grasp speech and language


This leads to an inability to articulate, 

or an immobility to “talk about the real” in that :external and objective way”


Hence a comparison is made between the disappearance of the unified ego in postmodernism 

and the fragmentation of the self in the schizophrenic condition


The self, whose coherence was dependent upon the ability to connect the signifier and the signified is,

following the breakdown in the signifying chain, 

experienced as free-floating and mutable


The postmodern condition is therefore experienced as-dimensional, 

and lacking depth, perspective or time


Postmodern art rejects boundaries between “high” and “low” art

and instead employs pastiche, parody, irony, and bricolage 

to produce work that is fragmented in structure, self-reflexive and reflective of the decentered object

( vessel, as such)

verseEssa Li