Frankfurt has gained an unusual museum in December 2005: DialogMuseum.  



^ essa will visit on 12.9.17

It is unusual because the exhibition focuses on human social topics. 

It is unusual because the ambassadors of the museum are blind and visually impaired people.

It is unusual because it combines social responsibility with economic trade.

The idea of this enterprise follows the principle that humans learn through encounter.

It follows the experience that platforms for the encounter, where we could learn from each other respectfully, are missing.

DialogMuseum wants to create this platform and at the same time wants to create workspaces for disabled and disadvantaged people.

DialogMuseum wants to encourage dialogues between people with and without disabilities.

It wants to surprise, touch, have a lasting effect in a relaxed and playful way.

The creation of DialogMuseum is tightly connected to the history and the development of the exhibition “Dialogue in the Dark.” Dialogue in the dark is a global franchise system. Dialogue Social Enterprise Ltd. (DSE) is a social enterprise operating worldwide headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Their mission is to facilitate social inclusion of disabled, disadvantaged and elderly people on a global basis. DSE`s goals are to raise awareness about the contribution to society by people with disability and elderly people, leading to an inclusive behavior, and to improve the social economic condition of handicapped people, especially blind, visually and hearing impaired people.
To achieve these goals they operate exhibitions, such as “Dialogue in Silence”, “Dialogue with Time”, “Dialogue in the Dark”, and workshops and events worldwide. Since 1989, “Dialogue in the Dark” has been visited by 6, 5 million visitors in more than 60 countries.  
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