what about curation in photography?


To curate is to organize... 

"Photographers curate observations when we choose to include specific content within a frame and exclude all else, from among the whole world of experience that stimulates our desire to record what we see.

The relationship of elements within the frame is designed through composition. Composition and framing make apparent alignment, proximity and repetition among elements in the frame.

The frame creates a personal kind of order from the chaos of experiencing those same details as they are in the world: scattered and incongruent. It’s the eye that sees the frame before the photo does, and the eye does this as it becomes sensitized to stimuli of aesthetic, narrative or conceptual detail.

The frame imposes design, sorts information and categorizes. The frame is important to the architecture of a photograph -- and how to read it. 

The frame is an expression of my personal curation, when I photograph and when I consume photography. An ethic is at work: the choice to photograph and the choice not to. The choice to see and not see. Judgment about exclusion and inclusion is an important component of framing and of curation. "


So this piece talks about photography as a curatorial gesture in selecting and composing etc... but I think there is more to this intersection to be considered?

^looks like a horizon to be explored v soon


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